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Whatever dreams you have in hairdressing, you can achieve them at Tangerine. That's because we nurture creativity and encourage the extraordinary. From New York Fashion Week to the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders TV show "Making the Team" and even starring on our YouTube channel, Tangerine stylist get to experience amazing opportunities.

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Each year, we send a group of stylist to work New York Fashion Week. Styling models and working with some of the top stylists in the world, this opportunity is one our team never forgets.

Our stylists put a ton of creativity into our YouTube channel. In fact, we have a full time videographer dedicated to creating tutorials, inspiration or just plain fun stuff that our team styles.


We thrive on culture and team work, so photoshoots, styling competitions and advanced education are happening all of the time. From creating our own advertising images to producing tutorials for our YouTube channel, if you like creative hairdressing, you will love Tangerine.


Every year, we hold a styling/photoshoot competition between our locations which culminates at our annual Christmas party. The trophy is named after our beloved team member who passed away in 2013 and who was the epitome of Tangerine's culture of creativity.  We can't wait to see your contribution.

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